This time of year, my friends and family often ask me what I want for Christmas, and I never have a great answer. More hours in the day just doesn’t seem like a reasonable request.

I know that I have everything I need to be happy within, and even though I might enjoy a new yogamat, I know that this won’t really help me on my journey.

However, sometimes these things are nice to have, too.
So, here are a few gifts all yogi(ni)s would appreciate!

  1. Instead of buying stuff, donate to a charity. A few of my favorites:
    Cambodian Children’s Fund
    Stichting AAP
    Save the Elephant
    Animal Rights
    Apne Aap
  2. Subscription to an online yoga studio, such as Ekhart Yoga.
  3. Delicious, luxurious and nourishing Ayurvedic oil from Oil & Ohm.
  4. My first yogic cookbook, ‘Kopstand in de Keuken’ (only available in Dutch).
  5. My second yogic cookbook, ‘With a Pinch of Yoga’ (available in Dutch and English).
  6. A gift voucher for a massage. I always love to receive a massage from Jeroen or Richelle at Praktijk de Wereld.
  7. A gift voucher from a plantbased restaurant, such as Rawsome in Arnhem or Spirit in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
  8. Something beautiful to wear on your mat (and off your mat) from Urban Goddess.