Inspiratie & Inzicht

Dit is waar mijn hart van gaat dansen

Recepten, mythen, yoga… dat en meer kun je hier vinden.

Wil je nog meer van me lezen? Dat kan.
Ik heb twee yogische, plantaardige kookboeken geschreven die je onder andere hier kunt kopen.

kitchadi cleanse

De lente is de tijd waarin alles opnieuw begint, ontluikt en tot bloei komt. Het is de tijd van lammetjes, frisgroene bladeren aan de bomen, nieuwe ideeën en inspiratie. Het is ook een heel goed moment voor een voorjaarsschoonmaak. Zelf merk ik dat ik...

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rauwe appeltaart

Al een paar dagen ben ik vrijwel non-stop bezig met de voorbereidingen voor m'n aankomende workshops, een artikel voor het Yoga Magazine en het updaten van m'n site. Om het staren naar mijn laptop te onderbreken vluchtte ik naar de keuken (toen ik studeerde was koken...

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lentil amaranth soup

Cold, grey and rainy. These days call for warming soups. Such as this one, from my book 'With a Pinch of Yoga'.  Amaranth is an ancient grain that gives this lovely soup a deep, rich flavor. It also makes this soup creamy and very nutritious. The fennel is amazing if...

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the divine in your kitchen

As you might already have guessed, I’m a lover of good food. I love to eat and I love to cook. For me, my yoga practice doesn’t end when I step off my mat, and I certainly feel that cooking and eating is part of my practice. My kitchen is my temple (as is my body, by...

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trust, let go and see what happens

Life is constantly changing. We are constantly evolving. I feel something has changed deeply in my heart, my soul. I feel it in my bones. It calls for even more change - a change in the way I work and spend my time. Which is why, after teaching nonstop for almost ten...

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creamy white smoothie

Autumn is coming. I can smell it in the forest and it slowly starts to show in the color of the trees.  Even though I'm still enjoying these warm summer days my area is having at the moment, I already feel a craving for autumn-like foods coming up.  Porridge, banana...

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punk & yoga

A few days ago, I visited a Bad Religion concert, snapped a picture and posted it on Instagram and Facebook. Not long after posting the picture, I received several personal messages and emails, asking me why a yoga teacher would want to visit a punk rock concert. I...

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changes & challenges

Just like the Byrds knew, I know 'there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven - a time to be born, a time to die'. I know everything constantly changes. I know everything will die, making room for something new to be born. Or everyone and someone. I’ve...

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marvelous macrobowl

Ever since I came back from my latest trip to the US, I crave warm and easy food. When I traveled through Florida this winter, the sun, sea, beaches and palm trees made me eat only raw foods. From the day I arrived in the Netherlands though, I’m longing for warm and...

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brown rice noodles, green veggies & curried tempeh

I'm working on a shiny brand new cookbook! And it makes the flame in my heart dance with joy. In fact, it makes it hard for me to do anything that involves leaving my kitchen.  Because I'm working on this cookbook while still teaching all my group classes, private...

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heavenly hummus

Ever since I returned home from leading a retreat in Morocco, I crave Moroccan inspired foods. I’ve always loved hummus, which is a well-known vegan dish and is incredibly easy to make. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love it, even though I get slightly bored by...

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toasted autumn noodle salad

One thing I love about Autumn and living close to a forest, is watching the leaves turn red, yellow and orange. They look a bit toasted even. Which inspired me to make this toasted Autumn salad! It’s an easy salad, ready within ten minutes. I enjoyed it for lunch, but...

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