Inspiratie & Inzicht

Dit is waar mijn hart van gaat dansen

Recepten, mythen, yoga… dat en meer kun je hier vinden.

Wil je nog meer van me lezen? Dat kan.
Ik heb twee yogische, plantaardige kookboeken geschreven die je onder andere hier kunt kopen.

marvelous macrobowl

Ever since I came back from my latest trip to the US, I crave warm and easy food. When I traveled through Florida this winter, the sun, sea, beaches and palm trees made me eat only raw foods. From the day I arrived in the Netherlands though, I’m longing for warm and...

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heavenly hummus

Ever since I returned home from leading a retreat in Morocco, I crave Moroccan inspired foods. I’ve always loved hummus, which is a well-known vegan dish and is incredibly easy to make. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love it, even though I get slightly bored by...

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toasted autumn noodle salad

One thing I love about Autumn and living close to a forest, is watching the leaves turn red, yellow and orange. They look a bit toasted even. Which inspired me to make this toasted Autumn salad! It’s an easy salad, ready within ten minutes. I enjoyed it for lunch, but...

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healing miso dahl

‘It smells like chicken soup!’ my husband exclaimed when he walked in the kitchen. I’m not sure if it does, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve smelled chicken soup. What I’m sure of though, is that this dahl tastes amazing. And it has more healing ingredients than...

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