flow through fall

To support you as we flow into and through fall, I've written down some thoughts for you to explore.

These rainy days we're having here in Berlin feel like an invitation to spend more time curled up under a blanket, with a journal and a pen in my hands, and a cat on either side of my hips. 

I find journaling supportive in any season (I've been on it since I was eleven), but even more so in fall.

To support you as we're flowing into and through fall, I've written down some thoughts and questions for you to explore. 
And just in case journaling isn't your cup of tea, but you'd still like to answer the questions - no worries, you can play with them in any way you'd like.

  • Invite slowness and stillness:
    As the seasons change, use journaling and conscious scheduling to seize the opportunity to pause, to rest, to recharge.
  • Express gratitude:
    What’s working well for you in your life recently? What would you like to hold on to (or let go of)?
  • Identify your needs:
    Your feelings can help show you what areas need attention. Sit with them (by yourself or with help), asking yourself “What do I want and need right now? What do I feel is missing?” Being bluntly honest will help you translate those words into meaningful actions.
  • Be your most comfortable self:
    Feeling at home with who you are allows you to sit in a place of strength, self-knowledge and - importantly - grace, even when you’re not feeling great.
    To help you identify your most comfortable self, I suggest documenting the moments you're feeling a sense of widening, expansion, grounding, and relaxation inside your body.
    Keep track of the circumstances in these moments - what you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat.

With practice, exercises like these can start to feel easier, but you might find it helpful to have someone to notice where certain patterns pop up, to encourage you to check in with how something feels in your own body and to help guide you back to your intuition. 

If you feel like you'd want to explore (more of) this with me, please message me here.

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Irina emits a healing energy that just feels good to be with. Each time we've met, I've relaxed into her presence, openness, authenticity and ability to offer support. She has helped me gain the perspective I needed to be more compassionate and gentle with myself. If you're ready to do the hard work of personal growth, I'd highly recommend partnering with Irina.

- April