calm your nervous system

The nervous system is your body’s command center. It helps you detect, process and act on the millions of data points our bodies receive.

Your autonomic nervous system has two sides: the sympathetic ("fight or flight") part and the parasympathetic ("rest and digest") part.

When your sympathetic nervous system is activated, your body is on high alert. Your heart rate speeds up, blood is pumped throughout your body to prepare you for action and you feel on edge.
This stress isn’t always a bad thing, but when it becomes your overly dominant side, it puts you into an unhealthy state of dysregulation.

Encouraging your parasympathetic side when you feel activated is a great way to help restore a sense of balance to your nervous system, and the best way to do this is by engaging your senses.

Giving yourself even just 60 or 90 seconds of space can help.

  • If you’re in a space that feels safe enough, look around in all directions, and narrate to yourself, out loud (if possible). "I am here, in ____. I can see ____, ____ and ____. The day of the week is ____. I am here, now."
  • If the space you’re in feels stressful, try to visualize a place you find peaceful. How does it feel in your body when you imagine being there?
  • Put one hand on your stomach, one hand at the back of your neck. Try to feel the energy or breath moving between two points in your body. If it helps and feels safe, close your eyes.
  • Focus on small movements with your fingers. For example, try touching your thumb to your index finger, then your middle finger, then your ring finger, then your pinkie. Work back toward your index finger. 
  • Use cold water to stimulate the vagus nerve. You don’t have to immerse yourself in it; just try some cold water on your hands, wrists and/or lower arms.

If you'd like more guidance towards understanding and learning how to heal your nervous system, I’ve combined more than two decades of knowledge and experience into one-on-one sessions.

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Irina emits a healing energy that just feels good to be with. Each time we've met, I've relaxed into her presence, openness, authenticity and ability to offer support. She has helped me gain the perspective I needed to be more compassionate and gentle with myself. If you're ready to do the hard work of personal growth, I'd highly recommend partnering with Irina.

- April